Terms & Conditions

Effective People (EP) runs this service to make it more efficient to seat positions with a cost effective method.
By using this service in any way, you accept the following terms and you are fully aware that some things will not be applicable to you or your business or local laws.


EP, Effectivepeople.org is the site which is responsible for this service.
Employer, admaker, recruiter, publisher is the one posting (making public) a position.
Applicant, employee is the one who answers a published position.


EP is an advertising service which automatically connects applicants with employer and its publishers responsibility to ensure ads are legally compliant in the jurisdiction they are intented to be used.
Only registered users may post positions on this site.

Employer (position creator) is responsible to have all legal and company right to publish positions at EP.
Anyone registering their emailadress or other information on this site will also get an account which can be terminated at any time by requesting so.


EP can not guarantee positions are still available when end date occurs due to natural reasons, EP though, guarantee that no employer gets in contact with any applicants before end date occurred.

Personal information

Applicants for a position, can enter their information at their user profile by free will and when doing that applicants accept information be handled according to Swedish law regarding personal information, PUL. EP will not distribute personal information to anyone else than employers applicants applied to.


As EP is highly effective, applicants are aware that even if they entered their emailadress to register their interest for an application no formal application is done until applicant recieves an email stating that more information (normally CV and personal letter) are required as next level was reached. Applicant is aware that this information must be entered/uploaded before end date otherwise application is invalid. Applicants may not confront EP or employer if they feel they was more suitable for the position if applicant did not register its email in time or uploaded the later requested information.

Techical issues

EP does not take any responsibility for any techincal issues.


Pricing and fees

There might be a fee to publish positions. It is free for applicants to answer positions.